Meet Leslee!

She is 22 and lives in London.


Leslee buys a beautiful SHIFT symbol from her favourite brand. She downloads the SHIFT app and pairs them.


She shares the app with friends and family and they talk about why she wears a SHIFT symbol and what role they can play in shifting culture that supports harassment and violence against women and girls.


In the SHIFT app, on TikTok and on Instagram she and other users are frequently inspired and motivated to act as backups - in their everyday lives.


...One day, Leslee finds herself in a super uncomfortable situation, that she fears she can’t get out of without escalating it.


Leslee triple clicks the button on her symbol and hears a discrete buzz from her phone.


Close by - three strangers with the SHIFT app - John, Babette and Filias receives a  notification that Leslee needs backup. 


In the SHIFT app they see Leslees location and get the option to accept or decline the call. In this case they each accept the call and start their route towards Leslee while recalling the safe intervention methods.


Within 2 minutes John arrives at Leslees location. The app guides him to find her and to intervene safely - perhaps distrating by pretending to know her or choose to delay and wait for Babette and Filias to arrive.


When feeling safe again, Leslee ends the call in the app. She is encouraged to provide feedback and report any misconduct. So are the backups.